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UO Today #657 guest: Mario Sifuentez


Mario Sifuentez, assistant professor of History at UC-Merced. Sifuentez grew up in rural Eastern Oregon from a family of immigrant farm workers from Mexico. A first-generation college student, he attended the University of Oregon and graduated with a triple major in Political Science, History, and Ethnic Studies. Sifuentez returned to the U of O on October 28th,  2016 to speak about his recently released book Of Forests and Fields: Mexican Labor in the Pacific Northwest.



Delano Grape Strike


Lorraine Agtang, who participated in the 1965 Delano Grape Strike as a member of the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee, joined a panel discussion on the strike and its legacy, as well as the early days of the Farm Workers Movement.


Presenter – Mario Sifuentez (History, UC Merced)



Paper Session III : Labor, Immigration, and Changing Conceptions of Work


Theme: Migrant labor and Scales of Vulnerability


Presenter – Mario Sifuentez (History, UC Merced)



Merced Immigration Forum

Tearing Down The Walls of Ignorance


Hosted by California Central Valley Journey for Justice


Presenter Mario Sifuentez



Interested In Working Together?


Son of immigrant farm workers from Mexico, Dr. Sifuentez grew up in rural Oregon. As a child he read voraciously even while working alongside his parents in the onion fields. At an early age he became acutely aware of injustice and it had a profound effect on him. His appetite for reading led him to..

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